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Matrimonial Detective in Delhi, Surveillance – Call Us @09911163316

Surveillance is a covert shadowing to gain information for the furtherance of an investigation. It may be stationary, mobile, technical, electronic and many more. The primary skill required for surveillance is the power of observation, which precedes reporting.

It is watching others without being noticed and gathering facts without appearing to care. The investigator will have to keep one eye on the subject and one eye on the road - one hand on the steering wheel and the other on the camera.Surveillance is thus the observation of an individual from a hidden or unknown position to document the extent of a subject’s physical activities.

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The overall objective of a successful surveillance is accurate observation and credible reporting. Remaining undetected during surveillance often involves physical fatigue and mental stress.
Every investigator must have basic intelligence on the subject, location, and purpose of the investigation. He must obtain clear and identifiable photos or video images of the subject. His conduct while shadowing someone must not cause fear to the target’s safety.

Surveillance in the form of secret picketing cannot be said to be an infringement in the right of citizen to free movement or personal liberty. Secret picketing has to be confined only to keep a watch and maintain a record of the visitors if it may be necessary.

We are offering the following services to the public at a nominal and reasonable charge. The details given to them are kept confidential.
  • ·         Pre/Post Matrimonial verification.
  • ·         Theft.
  • ·         Teenage Monitoring/surveillance.
  • ·         Asset verification/Trade Mark Infringement.
  • ·         Shadowing-character activities (Men and women)
  • ·         Love affair problems, family /business problems.
  • ·         Counseling/Ladies personal problems.
  • ·         Tracing of missing persons and Debtors/Kidnappers.
  • ·         Evidence for divorce, civil and criminal cases
  • ·         Legal advice.
  • ·         Employment screening.

We are also having international investigation facility.


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